A One Word Prayer

July 5, 2005 A One Word Prayer "Father" It was around the year of 1968 in Durham North Carolina. We had recently started attending a church sponsored speech club and were going to our first dinner meeting. The meeting was to be at a restaurant on the west side of Durham.
There were six of us in a 1967 Plymouth that was a very good car but for some reason it had developed a problem that caused it to stall for no given reason. This night we were proceeding south on US 15/501, a 4 lane highway between Chapel Hill and Durham . We reached the point where we were to turn left across the north bound lanes. We had turned left into the median and proceeded to cross the north bound lanes when the car stalled. We were stalled in the left lane.
I was sitting in the rear seat one the right side. As I looked down the highway I noticed that there were two cars approaching us that seemed to be side by side. The speed limit was 45 or 55 mph, I don't remember exactly. I sat there spell bound realizing that we were going to be hit. I watched the cars for what seemed to be an eternity while the driver frantically tried to restart the car. As I watched t he cars came closer and closer. To explain what happened I must digress for a moment. If you have ever been hit in the face or namely the eye, you will remember that just before the impact you "closed your eyes". I watched the oncoming cars until I realized that we were going to be hit. I am sure that all of this happened very fast as there was no slowing down of the oncoming cars that I could see though that would be very difficult to determine when you are in front of the cars.
At the moment of what should have been impact I remember crying out to the top of my voice "FATHER". Then, there was a quite. Nothing happened. There were several renditions as to what happened to the cars. I really don't know. All I know is that we were supposed to be hit but we weren't. Our Father in heaven intervened and saved us from could have been a terrible accident.
Praises be to God for His mercy.

Roger King, June 2010
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