Why Me Lord

Plagued with distress, malady, anguish or disaster, it is easy to ask in misery, �Why me Lord�? Our bodies are amazing masses of flesh, bones, blood, water and electrical systems equipped with an analytical system that adds to and grows complex functions beyond comprehension. That is not altered by the fact that we, like everything else will wear out. We were not made to last! If we are never sick, we will still die. We are subject to (Ecc.9:11) time (all things), and chance (a happening we become subject to) which happens to all. We encounter accidents, fire, water, floods, storms, job stress, money loss and people hurts. It seems only natural to cry :Why me� in anguish! We wonder and ask, Has the Great God singled me out to loose all worldly goods? Am I under condemnation for some sin? Do I have this dread condition because I am to be an example to others? The answer to any of these questions could be yes. The answer could be no!
This I personally know, I have lost money because I have been careless. I have been reprimanded for unacceptable job performance. I have been sick because of something I should or should not have eaten but did. I have become sick for lack of rest. I have experienced many adversities because of actions I should or should not have done. Other times I have had problems with-out knowing why. Times also I have just been sick. Even the Patriarch Job asked God, �Why me�?
The righteous get sick. The Godly suffer and die! My focus changes when I zero in on salvation and less on events. I, then question less.
Through the prophet Jeremiah, God says, �I will correct you in justice, and will not let you go altogether unpunished.... Why do you cry about your afflictions? Your sorrow is incurable. Because of the multitude of your inquities, because your sins have increased. I have done these things to.... I will restore health to you and heal you of your wound� (Jeremiah 30:11, 15, 17). Rather than ask, �Why me?� ask, �Why not me?� God will give a way of escape.
Recently something happened that causes me to do and say the unusual and name names and state events. My son Clifton Buchanan serves in the Houston, Texas area. He has been in the Ministerial Apprenticeship Program with CGI for a number of years. Not long before the spring Holy Days, his small daughter and I watched him fall recently from a ladder while working at home. It was heart wrenching to see and not be able to stop the accident.
I knew he was hurt. I cried out to God to please help. He had bones broken in both arms. I am thankful it was not worse. Not once did I cry �Why me Lord�. My voice rose in anguish and pain asking instead, �Why not Me Lord.� God has been merciful and performed a great miracle. In two weeks he went from immobility to full use of both arms. For all who knew and prayed, Clifton�s wife Demetra ,child Mykala (3 years old) and I thank you! God truly helps His children.
In conclusion, know this: Never put a hungry lion in the den with a praying, godly man! God will lock the lion�s jaws and he will not be able to eat!
Vivian Hall, October 2010
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